The right product at the right time. . .

There I was. . . the day the light bulb flickered on. . .

It was during the run-up to an Alaskan motorcycle adventure that the inspiration for the Clear Shot was born. Alaska is known as the Last Great Frontier, and Land of the Midnight Sun. Wilderness, bears, and harsh weather are the norm. During the summer on a motorcycle, you can add mud and mosquitoes to the list of challenges. When gearing up my bike for this month long adventure, I inquired about a kit for cleaning my motorcycle helmet visor, goggles and sunglasses. No one seemed to know of one.

After two years of development, including input from outdoors enthusiasts of all types, many prototypes and extensive research into lens construction and Me and my motorcycle team at the Arctic Circle signcleaning technologies, Clear Shot is now shipping.

I think Clear Shot is the next “must have” item for adventurers everywhere who are looking forward to their next trip!

Charlie King

See more pictures of our Alaskan adventure!

About the founder

Charlie King, Founder on the road with his BMW RS1150GS

I’ve been a motorcyclist, runner, snowboarder, climber, and bicyclist for many years. I love the outdoors.

In a previous life I also worked as a Paramedic/Firefighter. During my time in the fire service I learned to appeciate the way that good equipment was designed and built. When you are in an emergency situation, having gear that operates as it was designed and does the job well is paramount. Once you come to value that characteristic, where form meets function, you begin to demand it everywhere else. My goal was to design and produce a mission-specific, rugged, and compact lens cleaning kit.

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