Why carry Clear Shot?
Clear Shot

Clear Shot is a great stand-alone product.

  • Clear Shot is an excellent accessory for anyone who wears prescription, recreational or safety eyewear. For those on the job or those in the outdoors, eyewear, protective shields or high end optical equipment is a big investment and critical for performance and safety.
  • New dealers receive complimentary POP display with demo unit included!
  • The multiple colors available will draw customers to the product and allow their choice to be a reflection of their personality.
  • The eye-grabbing packaging pops off the shelf. You can hang the self-supporting and sturdy cardboard packaging, or set it on a shelf. Clear Shot can even be stacked at POP as an impulse purchase. Last but far from least, the packaging is recyclable, meaning your customers can rest assured that the packaging will not have to end up in a landfill.

Clear Shot is a great add-on sale.

  • Many retailers see the purchase of an optical product as a stand-alone sale. Sales persons assisting customers with selection of eyewear or optics are often left without an item to recommend to the customer to go with their purchase. No more.
  • The Clear Shot is a perfect product to recommend for protecting the customer’s optical investment.


You can have your company logo on Clear Shot.

How would you like to see your company logo on Clear Shot? We have a premium program that places your graphic on the front of Clear Shot in place of ours! This option is perfect to support (and increase!) your company name recognition with the customer. Remember, nothing identifies your company better than your logo. Options can include private packaging and even custom colors. Please contact us for more details.

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