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Orange Clear Shot

Why these Microfiber cloths?

Microfiber is a unique material. It's manmade and the fibers are incredibly small, barely visible to the human eye (100 times thinner than a single strand of human hair!). Each fiber has a very small diameter (less than one “denier” in linear mass density). These fibers are woven together into a “star” shaped thread that “lifts and locks” foreign matter. Thousands of these threads are woven together to make our cloths. This capacity to remove dirt and moisture separates our cloths from any conventional cloth. Other fibers will push and scatter foreign matter and moisture. Have you ever had a cloth “smear” your glasses and goggles instead of cleaning them? Unlike cotton cloths, microfibers do not “lint” and thus will not leave cloth residue on your optics.

Why does Clear Shot have two cloths?

Having two cloths in the kit allows you to address any cleaning situation you face with your optics. For daily, light cleaning, the white polishing cloth is a perfect solution. The white cloth's smooth texture effectively removes fingerprints, skin oil and light dirt. However, in situations where you optics have accumulated moisture or become soiled, the blue cloth is an excellent first step in the cleaning process. The blue cloth's thicker, chamois weave is perfect for picking up greater volumes of foreign material from your lens surface. Once a majority of the surface has been cleaned, using the white polishing cloth will bring you optics back to pristine condition.

Can I wash my Microfiber cloths? How often?

Absolutely. We recommend washing your Clear Shot cloths regularly. Accumulated dirt and foreign matter in and on your cloths should to be removed promptly. Accumulated grit can be inadvertently ground into your lens and has the potential to scratch the lens you are trying to protect.

How do I wash my microfiber cloths?

Clear Shot cloths can be machine washed (warm) and dried at a medium temperature in the dryer. Avoid bleach or fabric softener. These chemicals can damage the cloths or deteriorate their effectiveness. Make sure to only wash Clear Shot cloths with other microfiber or like synthetic materials. Washing or drying Clear Shot cloths with cotton items will cause the Clear Shot cloths to “pick up” the cotton lint. Once the microfiber threads have acquired cotton lint, they cannot release it, thus dramatically reducing their microfiber effectiveness.

Why do you provide this cleaning fluid?

When researching cleaning fluids, it was critical that we not only find a product that can clean and provide anti-fog protection, but that the fluid be safe and not damage expensive and delicate optics. This fluid is biodegradable, non-toxic and is safe for all optical surfaces. We hope you are as pleased with the results as we are!

Is the cleaning fluid safe for my eyewear and optics?

Yes. This water-based fluid is free of harmful chemicals that could strip coatings from eyewear, cameras, goggles, binoculars, rifle scopes or glass screen computer monitors.

How long should my lens cleaning fluid last?

How often you use your Clear Shot will dictate how quickly the fluid gets used up. Customers have reported using the entire bottle up in a weekend of motorcycle riding, while others have had their fluid last much longer. Luckily, refill kits are available!

Can I put the name of my company, group, or organization on the Clear Shot?

Absolutely. Please contact us for more details!

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